Supreme Court Removes Federal Barriers to Election Integrity Laws

Voter ID Laws Sweeping into Effect The United States Supreme Court has struck down portions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act that have been roadblocks to many states attempting to implement Voter ID and other election integrity laws. At least 5 states may be immediately affected. Texas, Mississippi, Alabama have all enacted photo ID requirements […]

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What The Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona’s Citizenship Check Means For Election Integrity

Despite the doom and gloom coming from some integrity-boosters, and the hollow victory chants being shouted by the left, yesterday’s Supreme Court Opinion in Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Arizona Inc. was a net win for election integrity. In a 7-2 opinion, with the majority opinion written by Justice Scalia, there are several facets […]

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A Victory for Election Integrity!

Still work ahead to resolve differences between House and Senate Bills In this year’s legislative environment, even modest advancements in election integrity should be considered a tremendous feat. On Wednesday, the Minnesota House passed HF894, the omnibus election bill. Since the start of session, Minnesota Majority has been heavily involved in negotiating key points in […]

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Vote Early, Vote Often Bill Advancing

While there is one omnibus election bill moving in the House which has potential to improve some parts of Minnesota’s election laws, as far as the integrity of the system goes, several threats remain. The biggest threat is the early voting proposal. Read the rest and see what you can do at Minnesota Majority.

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Mansky’s Office Tries to Hide Election Records from the Public

Ramsey County Denies Access to Public Election Records needed to Detect and Prove Voter Fraud After the 2008 election, Minnesota Majority’s examination of public election records uncovered over 1,000 voter fraud cases that would otherwise have gone undetected and the discovery led to a record number of successful prosecutions, but now, Ramsey County is denying […]

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Same-Day Voter Registration Fight Heard in U.S. Court

By Doug Belden Minnesota must check the eligibility of voters who register on Election Day before their ballots are counted or set up a process for others to do so, a voters’ rights group is arguing in federal court. Otherwise, “we’re going to lose the integrity of our elections,” said Erick Kaardal, attorney for the […]

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Why Can’t Felons Vote?

From a Minnesota Majority position memo: In 2008, after the US Senate race was ultimately decided by just 312 votes, it was discovered that over 1,000 ineligible convicted felons had unlawfully voted in the general election. Nearly 200 have since been convicted and approximately 100 more are awaiting trial. Most ineligible felon voters were never […]

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Vouching Fraud in Minnesota

This short video explores some examples of how Minnesota’s vouching law may have been exploited by organized fraudulent voters in recent years. Vouching is the process by which one voter vouches for the identity and residence of another voter who does not possess any acceptable form of identification but wishes to register and vote on […]

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Organizing for America Pose as Official Registrars in Virgina to Register Students?

By Derek Hunter President Barack Obama got his start as a community organizer, working with groups like ACORN and other corrupt activist groups. ACORN eventually collapsed under the weight of its own corruption, but their tactics live on. Organizing for America, the DNC project to reelect Barack Obama, is working to reelect the President. The […]

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Don’t Look Now But ACORN Is Alive & Well & Ready to Muck Up the 2012 Elections (Video)

By “Gateways_Niece” Don’t think for one second that the 2012 election is going to be squeaky clean. Even CNN is starting to report on this fraud! (CNN Video from 2008) Chad Groening at OneNewsNow reported: Even though it was supposedly stripped of federal funding in 2009, a non-partisan government corruption watchdog says the disgraced organization […]

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